Best Unpretentious Yoga Studio

Bernal Yoga It isn't New Agey and it isn't full of intimidating Beautiful People — can it really be a yoga studio? Yes, indeed: Owned by local brother-and-sister team Bill and Savonn Wyland, Bernal Yoga offers classes for just about every level and aesthetic. Love the idea of occasionally hearing Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" during your Downward-Facing Dog? Sign up for Flow with Megan Windeler.

Megan doesn't just teach yoga - she lives it - and it shows.

Her classes engage all of the senses with great music and a hands-on approach. She takes the time to interact with everyone in the room, intuitively sensing your needs, limitations and level of comfort and skill, and adjusting her interactions accordingly.

In town for a few days so i searched for local yoga studio and came across the megaredfish yoga website.

In LA i'm exposed to great yoga teachers I was very pleased to find a class and teacher that energized me and helped me settle after travel.

Megan welcomed myself and everyone to the class personally and once settled asked us if we had any part of the body we'd like to work on, surprisingly everyone participated openly and it was a nice way to bring the class of around 15 together energetically.

I had never taken a yoga class before ....

I had never taken a yoga class before. But one class with Megan and I was hooked. Megan has such a calming and soothing way of making you feel relaxed. And before I knew it, I was in a pose that I just didn’t think my 44 year old could do. Thanks Megan, you’re the best. Michele Lee, NJ

I have been fortunate to travel often to the bay area for business over the past 5 years.

While I am out there, I like to find yoga classes to help me relieve the stress of travel and business obligations. Not being an expert in yoga, I was a bit leery to just drop in anywhere. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found Megan's hatha flow yoga class at Bernal Yoga.